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What is confection sunflower and what is its most frequent use?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Confection sunflower is one of the types of sunflower seeds. There are more than 70 species of sunflower, some more specific than others for an oleaginous purpose, human consumption or bird food.

Confection sunflower seeds are specifically used for human consumption and bird feed. Physically they are distinguished from oilseeds because they are larger in size, with black color and white stripes, or the opposite, white with black stripes. There are even some hybrids of plain black color.

What is confection sunflower?

The confection sunflower is a specie of sunflower that is distinguished by its richness in energy, nutrients and proteins. They are grown to a lesser extent than oilseeds.

Its price is higher due to its richness in nutrients, larger size and because its cultivation needs special care. It is a product that is recommended to be included in a healthy human diet and to complement the feeding of wild birds and pets.

What is confection sunflower used for?

The confection sunflower is used for human consumption and bird feed.

Human consumption

The confection sunflower is used for human consumption for its energy and protein intake. Among the main nutrients found in confection sunflower are vitamins A, B, E, F, unsaturated fatty acids, carotene, iodine, magnesium and calcium.

They are less oleaginous and larger than black sunflower seeds. The larger seeds with the shell are generally used. This species is called inshell and is used as a snack, bakery or roaster industries.

Another option is the peeled seeds, which are obtained by separating the core from the shell. The pepita or sunflower kernels and chips can also be consumed toast as a snack or as part of meals or bakery products. The advantage of this product is that it does not generate waste.

Bird food

The same energy and protein intake is used to enrich bird food mixes, as well as sunflower seeds and chips. As the price is related to the quality and size of the seeds, the smallest are often chosen to feed the birds.

The latter generate less waste in cages or in the garden, in case wild animals are fed.

Fiber source for animals

In the case that sunflower kernels and chips are marketed, the shells of said seeds are used in a processed way in animal feed to provide a little fiber.

Turkey bedding

The shells or shells obtained from sunflower kernels are also used for making beds for some birds, such as turkeys or poultry

As an Alternative source of energy

Shells are also used as fuel for the production of energy in small plants.

Characteristics of the confection sunflower

Among the characteristics of the confection sunflower is its peculiar black color with white longitudinal stripes. Its size is larger than black seeds. Their caliber is used to classify them.

Confection Sunflower Caliber

Seeds are classified according to caliber, which indicates the diameter of the seed. The larger its caliber, the more appreciated it is and its price is higher. The gauge is generally indicated with a fraction similar to a fraction like this 22/64, indicating that it is 0.34 inches. To change this measurement to mm it is necessary to multiply it by 2.54, resulting in 8.73mm.

You can see all the sizes available for confection sunflower seeds in their specification sheet.

Production of confection sunflower

Several countries are those that produce quality confection sunflower. The largest producers are France, Romania, Spain, Hungary, Russia, Argentina, China, India and the United States. From what can be seen, they are areas with very varied climates. Well, one of the main characteristics of its cultivation is that it is very tolerant to drought, but not to strong wind.

This is because the seeds are very large and can fall off if they are moved by a strong wind. For healthy seeds to be harvested, pests must be controlled. Despite these cares, it is profitable to grow them, for their sale price.

How to store sunflower seeds?

For proper maintenance, confection sunflower seeds should be stored in a dry and cool place. The entire site must be disinfected, free of pests, insects and products that can contaminate.

If the storage conditions are correct, the product has a shelf life of one year.

Confection sunflower exporters

SpringHaus is one of the companies that export and sell confection sunflower. In addition, offering quality products gives the opportunity to develop your own brand.

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