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International birdfood market: types according to birds

Updated: Mar 1

The birdfood market has increased in recent years, due to the great demand for good quality seeds for animals. The poultry food market includes grain classification, storage and packaging.

There are several factors that must be taken into account when choosing the best birdfood. Since there are different mixtures of seeds that follow a certain formula for the complete diet of a specific type of bird.

Each seed or fruit incorporated in a seed mix has a meaning and we will explain what it is below.

The seed mix chosen for poultry feed must meet certain quality requirements. Because even if they are animals, when the quality of the food is good, the bird will enjoy good health.

Types of bird food

There are two main branches of food for birds, the commercial and the natural. Within the natural category of birdfood are the seeds. The most popular is the sunflower seed. This popularity is due to the fact that they are preferred for their taste and add fat to your diet. Among other seeds is millet and safflower among others.

Among the natural foods for the bird are those that are not seeds. One of the examples is tallow of animal origin, insects, nectar, bread and mixtures.

These natural poultry feed inputs are purchased directly from retail markets or as by-products from farms.

The second major branch of birdfood is made up of commercial foods. This niche has potentially increased in recent years due to the lack of quality food for our birds.

Today attention is paid to the nutrients that reach small animals including birds.

They are included in commercial poultry meals which are made up of a mixture of seeds.

What should the birdfood include to raise healthy birds

The first premise for a bird to enjoy good health is to vary its menu. The physiological needs of the bird are different during its growth and in adulthood, and in the different seasons of the year. For example, during winter, the bird needs to ingest fat to help it cope with low temperatures.

Not all birds eat the same seed mix. That is why there are a variety of applications for different species of bird and its age. However, on every menu you will find seeds, vegetables and fruits.

Fruits add moisture to your diet, which can help you feel cooler during the summer. Although it should not be abused because it increases sugar without much protein intake.

On the other hand, nuts provide a high level of fat without much vitamin contribution. As for vegetables, beets are usually incorporated into their diet due to their great contribution of sugar and legumes due to their high level of protein. In general, vegetables add fiber and moisture to your diet.

Type of food according to the species

Canaries and parakeets

These birds are small and love seeds, such as birdseed, oats, flax, black, rapeseed, rapeseed, and hemp. These seeds have a high percentage of fat and a good supply of carbohydrates and vitamins such as A, D3 and B12.

These species in the wild usually look for fruits, roots, barks, pollen, nuts, flowers and insects.


For a balanced diet of this species it is recommended to mix seeds, such as sesame, black, white perilla, canary seed and rapeseed with lettuce.

Parrots and parrots

Oats, wheat, sunflower seeds, corn, peas, nuts, dehydrated fruit, boiled rice and legumes, supplements with minerals. In their wild state, these birds feed on twig shoots, berries, fruits, and insects.


This species needs to alternate dry rations containing seeds and nuts with wet rations of vegetables and fruits. This combination is due to the fact that the seeds provide little moisture. In their wild state they usually eat bark, tubers, roots, fruits, flowers and pollen.


Wheat, corn and other cereals mixed with some legumes are chosen to feed the chickens. Chickens and turkeys are often fed corn, semolina, quinoa, and wheat.

Type of food according to the age of the bird

It is important to choose the different foods that we add to the diet of a bird in the breeding season, because they are not the same as the same species in adulthood. The factors that intervene is the hardness of the seeds, for example, because the smallest have softer peaks. Without neglecting his digestive system, which is also under development.

What should not be fed to birds?

Some people believe that if the birds are domestic they can eat everything we have in our home. Well no, some foods are toxic to birds. One of them is chocolate, as it causes diarrhea and vomiting.

Another food that seems harmless to us are the seeds of apples and pears. They are highly dangerous for birds due to their high cyanide content. Avocado is another food that we should keep away from birds, because it can cause heart and kidney problems.

Another detail to take into account is that we must remove from their diet the contribution of sugar and artificial salt, since they already obtain it from seeds, fruits and vegetables. It is necessary to verify the quality of the food that we give them because they are living beings and their health depends on it.

Before giving him his food we must make sure that it is of quality, that it does not contain mold or is in the process of decomposition.

Criteria that must be taken into account at the time of purchase

Among the criteria that must be taken into account before buying the birdfood is that the brand is known or recommended by our veterinarian. It is not necessary that it be a great brand but that the products it sells are of quality.

This is demonstrated by the amount of quality nutrients indicated on the label. The ones that cannot be absent are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. The ones we are looking for are A, K, E, D and B2, in addition to some minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus.

That is why we recommend the products offered by Springhaus, especially for their quality.

Birdfood market in the world

The reality in today's poultry food market is that demand outstrips production. Customers are looking for quality seeds for poultry, cage or wild consumption. They are no longer satisfied with giving them the discarded grains, they think about their health and therefore they look for balanced formulas for their diet and the ingredients of these formulas must be of the best quality.

The challenge for poultry food buyers is to avoid acquiring harmful food ingredients that are responsible for skin conditions and allergies and gastrointestinal diseases of birds.

In addition, there is a marked trend to humanize pets, so the awareness of providing a balanced diet, free of sugars, dyes and other harmful substances to caged and wild birds grows day by day. Users look for the best seed mixes for birds and look for companies that can provide seed mix formulas designed for each species and age of birds.

The birdfood trade moves tens of billions of dollars in the year, with an annual growth of 4%. The highest consumption of birdfood occurs in Europe, Central and North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, where it is customary to feed birds in their gardens or fields.

Among the most requested ingredients are confectionery sunflower, striped sunflower, millet, corn, popcorn, flax, birdseed, peas, mung bean, rapeseed, safflower, peanut and chia.

It has enzymes that provide a high benefit for inflammation of the kidney, liver and pancreas. As for the pancreas, it not only deflates it, but can also regenerate its functions. These biocatalysts counteract cirrhosis and prevent arteriosclerosis.

All these benefits added to the fact that it is a gluten-free product augurs a great consumer demand.

A good supplier of seed mixes with years of experience is

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