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Kernels are the inner part of a sunflower seed. Some call it meat. Means that a processor has mechanically removed the shell. They may be sold raw or roasted.

Kernels are separated in a couple of different qualities:

  • Edible, or Human consumption

  • Bird food

While each quality is divided in several options as well.

  • Confection

    • Premium. Are kernels coming from big size confection sunflower seeds, resulting in a product whose count is around 450 +/- 50 pieces per ounce.​

    • Standard. Similar to the Premium but a little smaller, with a kernel count of 550 +/- 50 pieces per ounce.

  • Bakery. Usually obtained from oil sunflower or small confection sunflower. Kernel count to be around 750 +/- 100pieces per ounce.

When used for human consumption, there is a wide array of uses: as a snack, in seed mixes like protein or cereal bars, in salads, cakes or muffins, and even as sunflower butter (similar to the peanut butter).

Bird food
  • Coarse. Are whole kernels with sizes from 450 to 800 pieces / oz but with a color that is not suitable for human consumption.

  • Chips. They are the just split kernels and may be graded based on their size between:

    • Medium 1/2 kernel 

    • Fine 1/4 kernel

This is an important ingredient on bird food mixes, mostly in the ones intended to attract wild birds. They are also used to produce no grow - no mess seed mixes.

Technical specs:

Purity: 99,9% min.
Foreign matters: 0,1% max.
Moisture: 10.0 % max.
Live insects: Free


  • Polypaper bags of 20kg

  • Big bags



24 metric tons per 20 FCL

Minimum order quantity: 1 FCL


Nutritional facts

Botanical name: Helianthus annuus

Origin: Argentina/USA/Canada

Crude protein: 16.1%

Crude fat: 38.5%

Crude fiber: 28.0%

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