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Informative summary on specifications for Confection Sunflower

We're providing information about CONFECTION SUNFLOWER, ITS CHARACTERISTICS, AND STANDARDS, to contribute to collective knowledge and understand how the work of some affects others, in an interrelated manner.


This is divided into two main uses:

  1. Human consumption: as a snack, roasted.

  2. Animal consumption: as is, particularly for small pets and birds.

While it's not definitive that specific calibers are destined for one use or the other, typically larger ones are for human consumption and smaller ones for animal consumption. There's also a proportional price relationship: bigger, more expensive, and nobody wants to spend too much on pet food, except Mexicans who feed fighting cocks with 22/64 caliber sunflowers.

Regarding formats and length, they are categorized as:

  1. Round: up to 18 mm in length

  2. Long: up to 22 mm in length

  3. Extra Long: up to 26 mm in length

XL confection sunflower vs Long confection sunflower

This is defined by the hybrid. Currently, there's a trend towards longer ones, with a premium paid for XL as they are also scarce.

In terms of calibers (by width), they are separated into:

  • 24/64 - 9.52 mm

  • 22/64 - 8.73 mm

  • 20/64 - 7.93 mm

  • 18/64 - 7.14 mm

  • 16/64 - 6.35 mm

  • 13/64 - 5.15 mm

The formula to convert the measurement is 24/64x2.54=9.52.

Commonly referred to as Confection in commercial jargon are: 24/64, 22/64, and 20/64. The rest are known as striped.

When used for peeling, depending on the size, we can predict the grade of kernel obtained. For example:

  • A Premium Kernel (count 450 pieces per ounce) is achieved by peeling a very full 20/64 or 18/64.

  • A Standard kernel (550 pieces per ounce) is achieved by peeling not very full 16/64 and 18/64.

  • A Bakery kernel (750 pieces per ounce) is achieved by peeling 13/64 or a striped or black sunflower superior to 12/64 (in these materials).

  • Any caliber, if the batch has varied kernel coloration, is destined for Birdfood / Coarse.

  • Any kernel yields chips.

Regarding color, confection sunflowers are divided into:

  • Black with white stripes (more common, representing 90% of the market)

  • White with black stripes (varieties, not hybrids, produced in Turkey)

Among blacks, there can be some darker or grayer ones. Also golden blacks. All of this depends on the hybrid.

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