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What is canary seed good for?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Canary seed is one of the seeds that are used for the consumption of birds and humans. A few years ago, poor quality or spoiled seeds were found in poultry feed seed mixes.

This does not happen with canary seed, the quality must be very good to include it in the bird's diet. Because the appearance of these seeds is what attracts birds. For this reason it is included in all poultry seed mixes.

Thanks to the awareness in the care of the health of the birds and of the products, this market has taken a very important turn. Today the health of the seeds is taken into account from their planting, to the harvest, packaging and distribution of the same.

It is becoming more and more important to provide a good diet for the birds. In fact, consumers are making an increasingly demanding choice. Looking for a better breeding of birds as pets or for human consumption or a better production of eggs in the case of chickens.

Thanks to the studies carried out, new seed mixtures have been generated that provide a better balance of nutrients adapted for each species of birds.

Where is canary seed grown?

Canada is the largest producer of canary seed in the world. Currently other good quality producers are joining such as Argentina, Australia, Hungary and Mexico.

The canary seed plant is annual and reaches a height of one meter in 3 or 4 months, as its roots are almost superficial, it suffers from heat and drought. That is why it needs climatic and soil conditions very similar to those of wheat.

Care must be taken not to plant too densely because the seeds will be smaller. On the other hand, too much space should not be left between the plants because it can lead to the growth of weeds.

It is also susceptible to herbicides, therefore, plan to plant after 2 or 3 years of treating the soil with a herbicide.

Canary seed characteristics

The appearance of canary seed is similar to flax. Mainly because of its brown color and shiny appearance that attracts the attention of birds so much. That is why it is important to take care of this cover during the harvest and handling of the seeds. When shelled, they turn brown, which is not attractive to birds and loses commercial value.

Canary seed has tiny hairs that can cause irritation to those who handle it. That is why many times, these seeds go through a polishing process and even lubrication to increase their shine.

Canary seed can be stored for years maintaining its good quality when done under the right conditions. The essential condition is that the seed is clean and dry.

There is no classification of canary seed. However, the buyer should verify uniformity, seed size, appearance, odor, and percentage of shelled seed.

What kind of birds eat canary seed?

Most birds love canary seed. The first thing that attracts them is its shiny shape and appearance. They are usually consumed by the same species of bird that include millet in their regular diet. Poultry, small birds and parrots are the main consumers of canary seed due to its great nutritional value.

As a food it is very nutritious since it has a high content of starch, lipids, resin, salicylic and oxalic acids, nitrogenous substances and little fat. For this reason, when a mixture of bird meals is made, some sunflower seeds are usually added.

Use of canary seed

The main use of canary seed is in the bird seed market. Since its nutrients and appearance cannot be substituted with any other seed. Therefore, poultry seed mix packers use them in all poultry seed mixes.

But its properties are also beneficial to human health.

Is canary seed safe for human consumption?

Essentially, canary seed was used from the beginning as bird food. But its active principles can help in some treatments and that is why it is a matter of including it in the human diet.

Canary seeds for birds have villi on the shell that contain silica fiber. This fiber negatively affects the mucosa that lines the digestive system causing discomfort in humans.

For canary seed to be suitable for human consumption, the villi must be removed from the seed. Generally a method called EWA is used which consists of a mixture of ethanol, water and alkaline substances. In this way, the silica fiber is eliminated and it becomes a safe food for human consumption.

What is canary seed good for?

It is currently available in different formats, such as whole, chopped or powdered seeds. So that they can be incorporated directly into drinks, such as water or milk.

More and more people are adding canary seed to their diets for the great benefits it brings. Thanks to its properties such as lipid-lowering, which reduces the level of lipids or fats in the blood. In addition, it is diuretic and demulcent, therefore, it helps to relax and soften the inflamed parts.

On the other hand, it is a nutritional supplement that helps maintain a healthy weight, because it provides satiety.

Where can we buy good quality canary seed?

Canary seed must be correctly selected and stored so that their quality lasts over time. Springhaus offers quality canary seed from Canada and Argentina. Here you can know the nutritional information of the canary seed that is sold.

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