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Benefits of black sunflower seeds as birdfood

Black sunflower seeds are a family of sunflowers and are the preferred type when making bird seed mixes. However, some types of confectionery sunflower seeds can also be used. Here you can see all the sizes available for confection sunflower seeds in their specification sheet.

The biggest difference from striped or confection sunflower seeds is the oil content. Black sunflower

seeds provides a greater amount of energy to birds.

Physically it is distinguished by its totally black color, they are smaller in size and their shell is much easier to remove. For these properties these seeds are chosen to feed the smallest birds.

Nutritional composition of black sunflower seeds

It is very important to add black sunflower seeds to the diet of birds for their nutritional richness. Since each seed contains the following nutrients: 28% fat, 25% fiber, 15% protein and other essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin E, B, Potassium and others.

Although birds love to eat blacksunflower seeds, the high proportion of energy can also be detrimental to the bird if it is not mixed with other types of seeds. Since excess fat can cause sudden death. That is why it is recommended that it not exceed 13% of the total diet of the bird. Its highest consumption should be in times of stress, growth, molting or an excessively cold climate.

By incorporating these seeds in their diet, they will notice a better plumage with greater brightness and color. It is also recommended to incorporate these seeds at the time of laying eggs, because it increases their productivity. The resulting eggs are of better quality and larger.

For smaller birds you can opt for the Nugget or Sunflower kernels and chips.

What kind of containers are used to feed black sunflower seeds to birds

These types of seeds are usually given whole to birds, because of the ease with which their shell comes off. Due to the size of these seeds, hoppers or tray-type platforms are chosen. The not recommended feeders are those that have mesh or tubes, because they will not allow the passage of this type of seeds, due to their size. The only thing to consider is the cleaning of the shells.

Which birds prefer to eat black sunflower

A wide variety of birds prefer the taste of black sunflower seeds. Among them are cardinals, chickadees, blue jays, chickens and finches, among others. When some seeds fall to the ground they are caught by a large group of birds, including poultry.

Benefits of black sunflower seeds

Black sunflower seeds have many benefits for human consumption and for birds.

Attract birds

Most birds are passionate about the taste of this type of seed. So it is added to bird food mixes to attract wild birds.

More economical

The cost of these seeds to feed the birds is very low compared to the nutrients it provides.

Increased nutrition

The richness of these seeds is found in the richness of fatty acids, vitamins E, B and minerals, such as zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

How to preserve black sunflower seeds

If you want to protect the feeders from other birds, a mesh should be placed over it. The size of the black sunflower seeds will prevent them from coming out. To store poultry food bags containing black sunflower you should do so in a cool, dry place.

The ambient temperature should not be higher than 21 degrees. If there is humidity in the room it can lead to germination. In addition to leading to the generation of mold.

When not stored properly or for a very long time, the seeds can taste rancid.

If the package is open, try to seal it, because when the seeds come into contact with the air they oxidize causing rancidity. Especially if it is peeled seeds.

The shelf life of black sunflower seeds is 12 months if stored properly.

Where to get quality black sunflower seeds?

The quality of these seeds is quickly distinguished by their size. At SpringHaus, quality seeds are commercialized for human consumption and bird feed. Consult with a seller to receive a more personalized advice.

Know the specification sheet of these seeds and others that are part of the mix of bird food seeds.

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