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Types of millet and benefits of its consumption

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Millet is one of the healthiest cereals for both human consumption and birds. Its appearance is small, rounded with a lemon shape. The shell is smooth with bright color. Depending on its species, the color can be red, white, yellow or gold. Each of them has different nutritional characteristics.

Types of millet for human and poultry consumption

There are three types of millet differentiated by their size and color. Next we will tell you the nutrients that each of them contributes to our diet and that of birds.

White millet

White millet, for example, is rich in carbohydrates, potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium and vitamin A and B complex. This variety is the most sought after to complete our diet, due to its benefits for our health.

White millet, also known as proso millet or white proso millet, is one of the seeds chosen by birds, it is offered alone or accompanied by other seeds, such as the confection sunflower to complete their diet.

Red millet

Red millet, on the other hand, has a higher proportion of fat. It is ideal for providing protein to the diet. It is not advisable to give this type of millet only to birds, it should always be accompanied by white and yellow. Because there is a risk of damaging the liver of the bird, due to the amount of protein in its content. Its shell is slightly harder than the other varieties of millet.

Yellow millet

This variety is the most nutritious of all the millet species. Since it provides amino acids and starch. It is very easy to digest.

Millet as a healthy food

Millet is believed to be one of the exclusive cereals for feeding birds. However, it is the main food in Africa, China and India. Due to its nutritional properties, it is included more and more in healthy food restaurants.

The main characteristic of this cereal is that it does not have gluten. Therefore, it is suitable for people with celiac disease, allergic or intolerant to gluten. It is also full of vitamins and minerals. The amount of iron and magnesium that it contributes to the diet helps in cases of mental weakness.

While its contribution of carbohydrates, proteins and little fat makes it an energy food. It is also very rich in the complex of B vitamins, ideal for regenerating the nervous system.

Tips for preparing millet

Millet is a delicious cereal that can be incorporated into any menu in place of potato or rice. You can even enjoy it for breakfast in the form of porridge accompanied by nuts and other fruits.

It is easily cooked in the same way as rice, by placing it in a pot of water over low heat. Once cooked, it can be served hot or cold. For example, cold cooked millet can be used to accompany vegetable or meat salads. Nutritionally enriching any menu.

Another option is to use ground millet as a replacement for wheat flour and prepare the usual bread recipes, for example, ideal for celiacs.

Millet as a nutritious poultry feed

The most common or known use of millet is as bird food. Here we tell you what are the benefits of millet for birds.

Is millet good bird seed?

Yes, millet is definitely a good bird food. Which not only love the taste but also take advantage of its nutrients. Among the benefits of millet for birds is that it contains less fat and more nutrition than other types of sedes, such as the confection sunflower.

Millet is more digestive and calms birds, so it is recommended to include them in their diet in periods that can cause stress, such as during molting, weaning or reproduction.

Millet is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, protein, and calcium. It is also a very complete food, but it is still recommended to mix it with other seeds so that they have a varied diet. One of the favorites is the striped sunflower.

What kind of birds eat millet?

According to a study conducted by the Laboratory of Ornithology, millet is the preferred food of many birds that feed on the ground. Among them are quail, sparrows, pigeons, cardinals and others. the preferred type is white millet.

This food can be dumped directly on the ground or in low trays that have excellent drainage. Remembering to expose only the amount necessary for the day.

At Springhausagro you will find quality seeds for human consumption such as popcorn, confection sunflower and millet, among others. Plus a wide variety of quality bird seed mix.

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