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Which are the differences between striped sunflower seed and other sunflowers?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

The striped sunflower is one of the seeds that is included in bird food for its energy content. The fat and oil content of these seeds are rapidly metabolized in birds. For this reason, for the bird to be healthy it is necessary to include them in its diet.

Striped sunflower characteristics

A striped sunflower seed is clearly differentiated from other species by the appearance of the shell. Which is black with white stripes. This type of seed has a larger caliber than the other varieties of sunflower seeds. The standard size for human consumption is five-eighths of an inch long. The weight of its shell represents approximately half of its total weight and is harder than the other species. That is why seeds with shell, kernel or husks are usually sold separately.

What is the difference between striped and confection sunflower?

Confection sunflower is a type of striped sunflower seeds. In other words, when we talk about striped seeds, we mean confection or non-oil sunflower seeds. It is called confection to differentiate them from completely black husk seeds.

These seeds are very rich in vitamins and energy that are used for the human diet. The size of these seeds allows them to be used as snacks. The smallest are used for poultry consumption.

What is the difference between striped and black sunflower?

Striped sunflower seeds are very different from black sunflower in content. The last seeds contain a greater amount of oil inside. For this reason, it is used for the manufacture of oil.

Although it is also recommended as food for some birds, due to its richness in energy. For human consumption the striped sunflower is chosen.

What does the quality of striped sunflower seeds depend on?

The quality of a striped sunflower seed is distinguished by its size. That is, the measurement of the length of the seed in inches. The bigger it is, the higher its quality. For the seeds to grow healthily it depends mainly on their genetics and the climate.

For this reason, the best quality seeds are obtained from the US and Argentina. Most types of sunflower seeds are hybrids. Therefore, they generate a higher return to producers.

Their cultivation time is short and they tolerate droughts very well, but their cultivation is a bit more complicated than the other species. Especially because you need an area with little wind.

The wind can cause the flower to shake, causing the seeds to fall prematurely. This happens because the seeds are much heavier than the other species. The sacrifice of its cultivation is reflected in the sale price, which is higher than that of black sunflower seeds.

Uses of striped sunflower

Striped sunflower seeds possess properties suitable for human consumption. It is an important source of energy and vitamins. Sunflower seeds or whole seeds are required in most bars and restaurants. Which are offered toast and seasoned as snacks.

The smaller seeds are chosen to feed the birds. As their shell is harder and difficult to break, the kernel is often chosen for smaller birds and whole seeds for larger birds. Sunflower seeds attract birds because of their taste. The shells of this type of seed are large. That is why they are ground and added to cattle feed as a fiber supplement to their diet.

Is it necessary to feed the birds quality striped sunflower seeds?

The largest healthy seeds are chosen for human consumption. But what happens to the seeds that will be used for feeding birds? It is important to choose quality sunflower seeds to feed the birds. Because being spoiled is not healthy for birds.

It is very likely that the birds make no difference and eat the bad seeds. Affecting your health, not only due to a nutritional deficiency, but also due to contamination caused by mold, fungus, feces or chemicals.

Some types of fungi and mold can be fatal to birds and be transmitted through feces.

The seeds must be fresh, if they are sticky or agglomerated it can cause suffocation or even suffocation because they are more difficult to swallow.

To prevent animals from getting sick or having to throw out bad seeds or you need to buy them from a reputable seed dealer. Springhausagro is a distributor of quality seeds that offers its services worldwide.

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