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Round and pointed


Bird Food Ingredients

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Foreign materials: 

Broken grains:

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Free of dead or alive insects


Packing & Logistics


laminated polypropylene bags of 20 kg, 50 lb and 25 kg.

Bulk in big bags.

Bulk in containers.

24 metric tons per 20 FCL.





Nutritional information

Crude Protein: 

Crude Fat:

Crude Fiber: 

Botanical name: Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench



Shelf Life

Valid for 24 months at a temperature below 20C, 60% relative air humidity.

Or 12 months with temperature over 20C, same air humidity.

Do not store at temperatures over 30C or 80% relative air humidity.

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Its botanical name is Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench and it is native from East Africa. It is part of the Poaceae family of grasses and is also known as milo. The grain of sorghum is small, round and pointed.


Sorghum grows in places where the climate is too dry or the rains are not enough to grow corn, it is used to feed pigs, cows, fish and birds and for the production of flour, beer and ethanol. Most of the sorghum that is grown is used for livestock feed and a small portion is used for human consumption.


Sorghum commonly comes in two colors, red and white, the white color is usually used for the production of flour for human consumption. The red one is added to the mixtures of birds to make them more attractive for buyers because the color contrasts within the mixtures, but because of its tannins, the seed may not be attractive to birds.

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