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Safflower, also called wild saffron or cartamo, is an oilseed from which its oil is extracted for human consumption, where a large part of that crop is used for bird consumption.


It is native to India but its cultivation extends to some regions of the Middle East, America and Africa. It is a plant that adapts to low fertile soils, different climates and arid conditions. This makes it a very adaptable crop.


At the time of harvest, each flower produces about 15 to 30 seeds, which are protected by a shell that prevents from the attack of birds.


Safflower is a highly prized seed in bird mixes for its high oil content and for contributing with color to the final mixture. They are also rich in protein and fiber, therefore, they provide high quality nutrition to birds when added to their diet daily.


Its shape is similar to sunflower seeds, and they have almost the same proportion and quality of fat. But its taste is a bit more bitter. Therefore, it is mixed with other seeds other than sunflower seeds..

We offer different quality grades depending on customer needs.

Grade 1:

Purity: 99,5% min

Damage: 3% max

Moisture: 10% max

Heated: 0% 

Empty seeds: 0,5% max 

Hulled seeds: 2,5% max 

Grade 2:

Purity: 98% min

Damage: 10% max

Moisture: 10% max

Heated: 0% 

Empty seeds: 1% max 

Hulled seeds: 5% max  



  • Laminated polypropylene bags of 20kg, 50lb, or 25kg.

  • In big bags

  • Bulk in container



28 metric tons of bagged product per 40´HC

25 metric tons of bulk product per 40´HC


Minimum order quantity: 1 FCL


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  • Birdy

Nutricional information for safflower

Botanic name: Carthamus tinctorius

Origin: Argentina / India 

Crude protein: 16,18%

Crude fat: 34,45%

Crude fiber: 34,29%

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