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Popcorn is a variety of corn, which expands and puffs up when heated.

Originally from North America, it´s now being produced in several countries, finding one of the best places in Argentina, which is the world major popcorn exporter.

It may come in different colors, but the most popular one is yellow. There are two varieties, butterfly, which pops in an uneven form, and mushroom, which tends to be round, like a small ball.

Smaller popcorn, or popcorn with low expansion is mostly used as an ingredient on birds feeding. Pigeons likes it a lot, thus is a seed that not only improves any mix, but also is highly nutritious.


Popcorn quality is measured by its expansion, meaning the volume they get when exploded. For example, if you have a 40/42 corn, then you will get 40/42 times the original volume after exploding.

We offer different size options for different customer´s needs.

  • 42/44

  • 40/42

  • 38/40

  • Bellow 38, which goes mostly for bird feeding

Specifications for popcorn

Purity: 99,8% min.

Size: Usually 65k10 *

Explosion: 98% min when edible
Foreign materials: 0,2% max.
Moisture: 14.5 % max.

Broken / split: 1.0% max.
Insect Damage: 1.0% max.
Discolored: 0.3% max.
Below 4.5 mm sieve: 2.5% max.
Alive insects: Free.
Total defects: 2.5% max.

* bird food popcorn is usually smaller, 75k10 and above



  • 20kg, 50lb or 25kg polypaper bags

  • Bulk in big bags


26 metric tons per 20´FCL

Minimum order quantity: 2 FCLs


Nutritional information

Botanical Name: zea mays everta

Common Origin: Argentina/USA

Crude Protein:10.87% 

Crude Fat: 4.31%

Crude Fiber: 12.7%

Product pictures

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