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Between 4 and 6 mm

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Premium Quality



Foreign materials: 


Free of dead or alive insects


Packing & Logistics


Polypropylene bags of 25kg or 100 lbs.

Bulk in big bags.

Bulk in containers.

24 metric tons per 20 FCL





Nutritional information

Crude Protein: 

Crude Fat:

Crude Fiber: 

Botanical name: Linum usitatissimum



Shelf Life

Valid for 24 months at a temperature below 20C, 60% relative air humidity.

Or 12 months with temperature over 20C, same air humidity.

Do not store at temperatures over 30C or 80% relative air humidity.
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Flax seeds are a by-product derived from the flax plant whose origin is Caucasian. Currently, they are grown in Europe, America and North Africa. They have a flattened oval shape with pointed tips and measure between 4 and 6 mm.


They are known for their nutritional value, high in fiber, antioxidants, fatty acids and omega 3.


There are two basic varieties of flax seeds that are distinguished by their color, brown that is the most common to find and gold, which flavor is stronger and more intense.


As far as human consumption is concerned, flax seeds can be consumed whole, ground or as oil. They stand out for their health benefits by reducing cholesterol, diabetes, improving cardiovascular health and helping to control weight.


They are commonly used for bird feed mixed with other seeds but can also be used individually.

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