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Canary mixes

To have active canaries, of good color and healthy, you have to treat them well. You are what you eat and your canary too. That is why we develop two mixtures, using the best Argentine seeds, for the most important life cycles of your beloved companions. 
As a worldwide bird food exporters, we understand your needs.
Our specially designed mixes:


Ingredients: Canary seed, pelled oat, flaxseed, millet and vitamins.

When the canary is going through a period that does not exert a special effort, it is being an ideal mixture of seeds: canary seed, granulated oats, linseed, millet and vitamins. Canary grass is the staple food because it is rich in carbohydrates and low in fat. Granulated oatmeal provides energy with little fat, although its proportion is small because it is a bit cloying. While flaxseed provides fat and protein to your diet. Helping their intestinal transit and the brightness of their plumage. On the other hand, white and yellow millet.


Ingredients: Canary seed, pelled oat, flaxseed, rapeseed, millet and vitamins


When the canary is growing it needs more energy. Therefore, the special mixture for the rearing stage has the following ingredients: Canary seed, granulated oats, linseed, rapeseed, millet and vitamins. Within this selection of seeds is the sweet variety of rapeseed. There is a wide variety of seeds that canaries love. The ideal is to provide them with a mixture of seeds with balanced properties. In this way, obesity or vitamin deficiency is avoided.



We can prepare any type of mixture. If you need a special mix you just have to send us the formula and we will be happy to give you a quote. Some preparations are intended for the breeding season. Others are specific to fulfill a therapeutic purpose, to detoxify them or strengthen their defenses.

Note: We can prepare any kind of mix. You just have to send us the formula, and we´ll be happy to give you a quote.



  • 20kg polypaper bags. Birdy brand.

  • 750 grams packs.

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