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The scientific name for canaryseed is Phalaris canariensis, and as the name would suggest, the crop originated in the Canary Islands. 


Originally a native of the Mediterranean region, it is now grown commercially in several parts of the world for birdseed. 


The seed is used as bird food and is generally mixed with rapeseed and other seeds that cheapen it. It should be kept in a dry place and away from vermin. Industrially, a flour made from seed is employed in the manufacture of fine cotton goods and silk stuffs.


Worldwide, it is considered a minor crop, with regional relevance, with a production of around 250 thousand tons per year, which restricts private investment and public research in its genetic and technological improvement.


Canada has well over 80 per cent of world canaryseed exports. Other exporting countries include Argentina and Hungary, with Argentina progressively growing scale and displacing Canada in the South American countries.

World demand for canaryseed remains relatively constant from one year to the next. An important price determinant is the production and inventory in Canada, along with the willingness of producers to sell at any given price.

It´s a basic ingredient in many seed mixes.

We can offer the following specs:

Product: Canary seed

Quality: Export grade

Purity: 99% min.

Foreign matters: 1% max.

Other color: 1% max.

Hulled: 4% max.

Moisture: 12 % max.

Alive insects: Free




  • Polypropylene bags of 20kg, 50lb, 25kg or 50kg

  • In big bags / totes

  • In bulk


24 metric tons per 20 FCL

Minimum order quantity: 2 FCL´s


Nutritional information

Botanical Name: Phalaris canariensis

Common Origin: Argentina/Canada

Crude Protein: 11.02%

Crude Fat: 4.22%

Crude Fiber: 8.5%

Product pictures

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