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Bird food sunflower is any sunflower used in the birds feeding industry. It may be a small confection sunflower, a striped sunflower or a black sunflower.

Even though it depends on the coloring and the specs of each mix manufacturer, the most used ones are the small confection and the striped. Within the striped sunflowers, you may find black with white stripes, white with black stripes and grey striped.

Sizes may also differ. The range goes from 4,5  mm wide, to 7 mm in certain varieties. All of them are considered oil sunflowers, with a percentage of oil above 42%​. For this same reason, manufacturers include this high energy seeds when they are preparing parrots mixes (a delicious treat for them) and to feed some species of wild birds during winter time.

We offer:

  • Confection sunflower seed, size 16/64 up

  • Black striped sunflower, size 4,5 mm up

  • White striped sunflower, size, 5,5 mm up

  • Very white striped sunflower, size 5 mm up

  • Grey striped sunflower, size 5 mm up

  • Black sunflower, size 5 mm up


Purity: 99% min.
Foreign materials: 1% max.

Oil content: above 42%
Moisture: 10.0 % max.
Below sieve: 5.0% max.
Broken grains: 2.0 % max.
Insect Damage: 0.5% max.
Brownish: 1% max.
Alive Insects: Free.
Total Damage: 3.0% max.

Download Specifications sheet (.pdf)


  • 50lb or 25kg polypropylene bags - Birdy  brand

  • Big bags


28 metric tons per 40 HC FCL

Minimum order quantity: 1 FCL


Nutritional information

Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus

Common Origin: Argentina/USA/Canada

Crude Protein: 16.1%

Crude Fat: +40%

Crude Fiber: 28.0%

Product pictures

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